The Tariff Trap

We have recently been advised of situations where commercial PV solar customers have been caught by installing Solar PV systems not realising the impact on tariff structures.  Essentially offending PV Solar companies have neglected to inform the customer that any changes to metering can invoke a tariff change. Basically there are new regulations that require a business electricity […]

Gas Prices Set to Triple

Recent conversations with energy retailers and media sources suggest that cost-of-doing-business pressures are not going to ease soon.  While electricity price rises have been the hot topic in recent years, natural gas prices are coming on the agenda with prices forecast to triple in coming years.  Water rates in South Australia have also been subject […]

Why audit energy?

With the carbon tax looming in Australia I believe energy use is going to be a key issue for most businesses moving forward.  It prompted me to get some more information out there about why we need to audit energy, what an audit involves and the best way to conduct an audit. What is an energy […]

How will the carbon tax affect my business?

Recent announcements from the Australian Prime Minister have attracted much attention in the media. This has no doubt unnerved many business owners and managers as they assess the potential impact of the proposed Carbon Tax due 1st July 2012.  In many conversations I have had recently I have been asked what is the Carbon Tax […]

Homes forced into energy audits

I read an article recently in the Sunday Mail which captured my attention.  An excerpt is below; “ALL Australian homes will have to undergo a mandatory energy-efficiency assessment – costing up to $1500 per property – before they can be sold or rented under new laws to tackle carbon emissions. “ At that price tag […]

Energy efficiency a cheap way to slash emissions

I read an interesting article at the end of last year that was well researched.  It certainly confirmed my experience to date in the sector.  Take for example this statement about commercial buildings: “In commercial buildings, energy efficiency retrofits routinely achieve energy savings of 40-50 per cent.” And the statement about ‘negative cost’ of energy […]